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I'd really would like to see each scan have credits on them. What the title of the issue or story is. Who drew it, and what year. Also, how can we submit our own scans. Great blog.
It has become my new favourite!
In general, my attitude toward this gallery has been that the images should just stand alone, rather than being a document of a specific illustrator and a particular issue of a comic book. I view these as autonomous images, not fractions of something larger. They are chosen without regard to their source, based simply on the aesthetics of one guy. This is a document of my journey into mystery, not really a "comic book blog."
I respect the answer. Thank you for letting us share in your journey. I for one, am truly enjoying it.
Or maybe a better way to put it is to ask a question: Would you experience an image here that you really love differently if you knew that it was a fraction of a frame in the middle of a superhero fight in comic book you don't have? In truth, there are an infinite number of possible "4CP" images hiding in old comics; all anyone has to do is pick one up and look at it carefully. I'm just trying to set some of them free.