Don't Fear the Paper

Hold the paper up to the light
(some rays pass right through)

Expose yourself out there for a minute
(some rays pass right through)

Take a little rest when the rays pass through
Take a little time off when the rays pass through

I'm barely moving
I study motion

Everything seems to be up in the air at this time
(Air - it can break your heart)

It's hard to imagine that nothing at all
could be so exciting, could be this much fun

I'm charged up. It's pretty intense.
I'm charged up. Electricity.

Don't think I can fit it on the paper
Don't think I can get it on the paper

But it was never, it was never written down
Still might be a chance that it might work out
If you hold on to that paper

"All I see is little dots."

(Words by David Byrne, from the Talking Heads' album "Fear of Music.")
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This was absolutely beautiful to look at and to read. Your posts always take me to a magical world. Thank you so much. Have been loving it since the very first post.
That was wonderful.
Hold on to that paper!
This was a brilliant stroke of genius-- I am dumb-founded.
Scott, it's so nice not only to hear that this little construction made you really happy, but also simply to be reminded that it exists! Seven years, and several blogs ago...
when that album first came out, the cover was extraordinary. When I put the needle down the first time on side one, I thought perhaps they labeled this as the wrong album.... (My friend actually blurted out: "What's this disco shit!" ...a bit of a change from More Songs About Buildings and Food to be sure. But how it grew on me!
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