Kirb Your Enthusiasm: 25 writers make love to 25 Kirby panels

The Cosmic Debris: Kirby in the Seventies series, here at 4CP, was inspired by another online Kirby project, unfolding now at the fabulous HiLobrow site. Kirb Your Enthusiasm (2/21 - 3/9) features 25 authors writing about 25 Kirby panels from 25 different titles. The roster is impressive, and the panels themselves are mouth-watering.

My own contribution dwells on a Simon & Kirby panel from a 1952 issue of Black Magic, but it gradually works its way around to some thoughts about Kirby's Seventies work. Many thanks to Joshua Glenn of HiLobrow for inviting me to join the fun and for causing me to take a serious look at Kirby's later comics on 4CP.

(Captain America #206. Art by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia. Colors by P. Goldberg.)