“I’ll rip those bastards a new one, and then I’ll rip a new one in that, and then I’ll rip a new one in that, ad infinitum.”

(From the first page of  “Marvel Mystery Comics” #11, 1940, looking into a hole that’s 30 pages deep.) 

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Oh, no! A tear in the comics continuum! Looks like a Spiegelman-Morrison hybrid! Quick! We must contain the bleed!
Hi John! I'd like to get in touch to send you some collage I've been working on as your blog has been a hugely valuable resource both for inspiration an the images themselves. I can't seem to find your email though. Please let me know if you'd like to see anything. Cheers!
Andy, I'd love to see the collages. I'd rather not post my email address on this blog, so how about you message me on twitter @4CPcomics, and I can share direct contact info that way.
Just messaged you, John! Thanks :)
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