Getting around 4CP

This is the 311th post on the 4CP blog, which I realize makes for a rather daunting mountain of dots and associated musings. The robots at Google Analytics tell me that there are a few people every week, somewhere in the world, who look at every single image, but for saner souls, here are some navigational options:

If you're wondering what I think about this project, there's an illustrated manifesto, In Defense of Dots - The Lost Art of Comic Books, as well as a 4CP FAQ, which compiles my answers to email inquiries. 

I attempt to post images in sequences that are as varied as the gallery's premise allows, so any stretch of the blog is likely to be representative. However, if you have an interest in a particular kind of content or composition, you'll find a limited number of categorical tags at the bottom of the page with which to filter images (e.g.,  SuperheroesPortraits,  AbstractPlaces). If you're a Jack Kirby fan, you might enjoy the anomalous series Cosmic Debris - Kirby in the Seventies. I've compiled some of my favorite images here, which vary from the choices of others, over here.

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For this week's 4CP Friday at HiLobrow, Matthew Battles considers cigarettes: "As in film, the comic cigarette billows and burns with inspiration, contemplation, pleasure, danger, and idleness." Seeing that all the smokers on 4CP were men, I went looking for some balance, but in my mid-Century comics, the only women I could find lighting up were also taking pleasure in premarital sex and bank robberies.